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The GOAT Does It Once Again

Sunday, February 7th, 2021 will go down in the history books not only as the day that Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl ring, but also the day that he won more rings than any NFL franchise, a stat that seems like it will stay unbreakable forever.

With myself being a Patriots fan, many people have been asking me if I was sad to see Brady and Gronk winning the Super Bowl, let alone playing in it while not wearing the infamous blue and white jerseys. Honestly though, I had to tell those people no, I wasn't sad at all. Sure I would rather see them back in New England, but their days here have come and gone, and they are on to better things...clearly.

I can't really see why anyone would be too sad anyways, they both put their heart and soul into the franchise in order to make it what it's become today. Without TB12 and Gronk, believe it or not, but the Patriots would be the Bengals of the NFL. You cannot be mad at Brady, he put up TWO hall of fame careers here and loved every second of it. Similarly, Gronk played nine impressive seasons in a Pats uniform and always made it known he enjoyed being here.

Nonetheless, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked phenomenal in their 31-9 win against a loaded Kansas City Chiefs team. As a fan of the NFL, it was honestly really hard to watch the Chiefs' O-Line look so bad, and I found myself feeling bad for Patrick Mahomes, who was doing all he could to get his team in the game.

The Chiefs have recently opened up as the way-too-early betting favorites to be the Super Bowl 56 champions, but I really don't see it that way. If I was a big bettor, I would put my money right back in Tom Brady's hands to see him hoist trophy number eight. Here's why:

The off-season still needs to happen, it's unlikely that with Mahomes' massive deal that they will be able to keep the same structure of the team they have now, so some key players may be let go. Also, many people kept on doubting the Bucs and I heard some people even compare them to the Big 3 in Miami with LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh in the sense that they were an amazing team, but wouldn't be able to mend it together in their first season. Obviously, we see now that this was not the case, so I can only imagine how Brady will play next season when he will unquestionably be doubted all the way to his eighth ring. I'm talking to you by the way Max Kellerman.

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