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Cleveland Browns to Release Odell Beckham Jr.

After two and a half injury riddled seasons in Cleveland, Odell Beckham Jr. will finally don some new colors. After his father, Odell Sr., posted a long clip to Instagram detailing the amount of missed throws and wide open OBJ routes, the team has decided to move on from their star receiver.

This news comes after the NFL's annual trading deadline, which is a pain for fans who are waiting to see where he will end up right away. Unfortunately for us, Odell cannot officially be claimed by a team on waivers until Monday at 4:00PM.

Over his final two games in Cleveland, OBJ recorded a measly 3 catches for 29 yards on 7 targets. His last 1,000 yard campaign came in his first season with Cleveland in 2019.

Now this begs the question, where will OBJ end up? Here are a few of my thoughts on the matter:

  • New Orleans Saints - The team is desperate for a breakout number one option to put some offense up, now so more than ever after Jameis Winston suffered an injury to end his season. Without Michael Thomas returning this year, the Saints must fill in some holes offensively in order to make a deep run, and Odell can satisfy their needs.

  • New England Patriots - I might be a little biased here, but hear me out. The Pats are also lacking a clear WR1 at the moment. Jakobi Meyers is separating himself from the rest of the receiving core, but he does not have the talent that Odell would immediately bring to potentially lift this 4-4 team into playoff contention. Plus, Bill and Odell have tons of mutual respect and reports are already saying that both sides are interested.

  • Green Bay Packers - Yes, we all know that they have Davante Adams, a perennial talent at the wide receiver position. However, Aaron Rodgers has historically been one to complain about the amount of talent on his roster. Odell would certainly satisfy his needs and would lift an already spectacular Packers team, over the horizon where they might end up finally getting past the NFC title game.

  • Las Vegas Raiders - The Raiders have surprised a lot of fans this year and are currently sitting at 5-2 atop the AFC West Division. With Derek Carr playing well and with the devastating loss of Henry Ruggs III (horrible situation and I feel terribly sorry for the woman who was killed and her family. Do NOT drink and drive guys), Odell would be a great choice to insert some talent into their offense to maximize their potential this season.

These are just my thoughts however, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, email us at

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The Patriots have the advantage if Bill wants him. They've got the worst record of those teams, which means they would have the opportunity to grab him before New Orleans, Green Bay, and Las Vegas.

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I believe they're restructuring it before they release him, it should make it easier for a team to grab him.

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