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The Lucky Fan Who Had Tom Brady's 600th TD Pass

Tom Brady, otherwise known as the "GOAT", recently added another record to the long list that he holds in the NFL. This time, it was becoming the first player in NFL history to throw for 600 (no that's not a typo) touchdown passes. This feat was accomplished during a Buccaneers home game vs the Chicago Bears on Oct. 24.

Brady threw for 211 yards and 4 touchdowns in the contest with the second touchdown of the game marking No. 600. Mike Evans, who had three total touchdown catches in the game, was the recipient of this historic milestone.

However, Evans was unaware at the time and accidentally handed the ball to a fan in the stands. A member of the Bucs' staff had to go over to the fan, later identified as Byron Kennedy, and bribe him with Buccaneers swag and other promises in order to get the ball back for Tom. Eventually the fan cooperated and handed the ball back.

In the aftermath of this game, Kennedy has reportedly gotten a lot in return for the football, which was valued north of $500,000. Let's take a look what Kennedy has received so far:

  • A bitcoin from Tom Brady (valued at around $62K)

  • 2 signed jerseys and a helmet from Tom Brady

  • $1,000 in credits for the team store

  • 1 signed Mike Evans jersey with game cleats

  • 2 sets of season tickets (rest of 2021 and entire 2022 season)

Clearly you can see that Kennedy received in exchange for the ball, but some say if he were to decline to give the ball back or outright leave the stadium, he could have gotten much more. However, the morally correct decision was made and the ball was given to Mr. Brady.

"I feel like I personally could have gotten way more than Byron" Wildcard insider Ryan McDonald tells me. "No doubt I would have left that stadium. If Mike Evans doesn't know that it's his teammate's 600th TD pass, that's not my problem."

Well Ryan, you are unfortunately not lucky enough to be Byron Kennedy, so your opinion does not matter.

Nonetheless, a fan watching a football game got a lot more than he expected to on game day...

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