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Mike's Fantasy Football Journal: Week 9

Alright let's try something new. Today I've decided to completely blog and let you guys know how my fantasy team is doing so far this year. This might be a weekly thing from now on; it seems fun.

My team, properly named "Dalvin James Cook", is currently sitting in 3rd place at 5-4 in a 10 man PPR league. Here is how we performed last week:

() = no longer on team

QB: Derek Carr (subbing in for the injured Kyler Murray) got us 10.34 points. He struggled, throwing for 296 yards and 2 INT, one of which was a pick-six, along with a lost fumble. Not sure if we will start him this week, but going against an intriguing Kansas City defense in week 10 may help if Kyler is not able to go.

()RB1: Cordarelle Patterson carried 9 times for just 10 yards, but played a huge part in the late comeback of the Atlanta Falcons. Patterson also finished with 6 catches for 126 yards. He was able to give me a good outing with 19.60 points.

RB2: Dalvin Cook looked good on the ground, rushing 17 times for 110 yards while adding 3 catches for 12 yards in the air. Cook had another great rushing game, which included a LONG 66 yard run. He finished the contest with 15.20 points.

WR1: Cooper Kupp continued his amazing season with 11 receptions for 95 yards. He did not record a touchdown, which broke his 3 game streak, but the WR1 in all of fantasy still leads all receivers with 1,019 yards and 10 touchdowns on the year. Kupp got me 20.50 points.

WR2: Kadarius Toney disappointed me big time. He caught his only target for 9 yards and rushed once for -2 yards. After his week 5 explosion against the Cowboys of 29.60 points, I was hoping after injuries he would be able to produce at a high level. He'll now be more of a FLEX play for me if I need one. 1.70 points was the final tally for him this week.

TE: George Kittle made his long awaited return and did not disappoint. He reeled in 6 catches for 101 yards and a touchdown against Arizona, one of the top teams against the TE this year in fantasy. He did fumble, but that did not end up impacting his productivity or the final score (thank god). Kittle managed 20.10 in his return.

()FLEX: Brandin Cooks got me prematurely excited this week. With Tyrod Taylor returning, I figured that might improve Cooks' fantasy production; I was wrong. He had 13 targets, which sounds nice, but of those 13, he secured 6 catches for 56 yards. I sat him the week before and got me 20.30 on my bench, but playing him didn't work. He finished with 11.60.

K: Tyler Bass didn't have much action, but as always, he stayed productive. He only had 2 FG tries all game, one from 20-29 and the other from 40-49. He finished with 6 points.

DEF/ST: The Bills defense did their job and only let up 9 points, despite losing the game. They only allowed 218 total yards, their third lowest mark of the season, forced a fumble which they recovered, and had two sacks. The Bills got me 8 points.

I was lucky enough to edge out the win to get back above .500. The score was 113.04 - 109.76.

Just yesterday (Tuesday) I made a trade with a friend named Jared, who is sitting currently at 4-5 and in 6th place, that I think can put my team over the top. Here's the details:

What I Traded: Cordarrelle Patterson, Brandin Cooks, Chris Godwin

What I Received: Tyreek Hill, Leonard Fournette, Cole Beasley

This is my starting lineup for this week against the 2-7 Vallancourt squad

I believe we made a fair trade. We benefitted both from this deal, and now I have the WR2 to pair with WR1. I believe Kupp and Hill can be fireworks together, as both are certainly capable of 30 point games each week. This week, we take on the 10th place team, led by Wildcard contributor Ryan Vallancourt. See you next week for the recap.

The left side is my bench, who should I get rid of, or acquire? Email me and let me know!

Any ideas, suggestions of trades, adds, drops, email me at

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